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Did you know - By identifying and defining your money goals your money vision will be easier to achieve.

Sometimes a Money Vision is . . .
About the things that you want to have rather than the steps you will take to achieve them. A money vision will only be a good as the action plan that you create to reach the end goal. You want to ensure what you see as your money vision is a goal which is achievable and provides you with the motivational purpose to continue to work towards the end goal.
Taking the time to define your own money vision will enhance your desire to make the necessary adjustments to receive the outcome which you are seeking. Some days you just get frazzled – but when days roll into multiples and suddenly the whole week becomes reminiscent of a bad dream that woke you out of deep sleep – it’s time to take a step back and ask yourself did that really just happen.

    No one and I mean no one intentionally set out to put themselves into financial debt.
    Everyone has circumstances specific to their lifestyle which affects their financial health.

But what set us apart are the actions taken or not taken when our financial health begins to deteriorate, and our financial debt grows instead of decreases.  

Now I know:
The first thing that you are told is you must stop spending and while that is correct in a sense it is not the solution to the problem. What is far more important is how the situation transpired and to understand what was done to arrive at the current state of affairs.
The second thing that you are told is to get a loan and consolidate or if you have one – renew your mortgage and pay off your debts by consolidating that way. But again, it does not always resolve the actual issue and in some cases provides a clean slate that leads to going down the same path yet again.
The third which tends to be a mix between the first and last resort is to borrow from family and friends. It can be a winning ticket, or it can be the ultimate nightmare. There is nothing worse than others knowing what your financial health looks like and then hearing about it for the rest of time.
Are you being honest with yourself and journaling your thoughts for your eyes only!

    Did you create your debt from a lifestyle choice?
    Are circumstances beyond your control leading to an increase rather than a decrease?
    If you could change one thing in your money habits and succeed - what would you do first?
    Are you bitter or suffering from the poor me syndrome limiting your ability to work a resolve?

Being in debt sucks – plain and simple! Can you solve it on your own or do you need help? One of the hardest things you will deal with is going through a financial health crisis alone. If you can’t talk to anyone about it then it is beneficial to journal your way through your frustrations, and anxiety to clear the mind of the funk and find a clean space to begin to think rationally and determine your next course of action.

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    Have more disposable income than you have had in the previous year?
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    Create a money vision to keep you motivated and balanced?
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    Start the process for an effective money vision with attainable goals to work towards?
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    Learn how to focus and identify your true money vision and define the steps to achieve your money goals?
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    Toss out the "would have", "should have", and "could have" and centre on your own circumstances?
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    Narrow down everything you want and finally work on what you need to accomplish the results?

When you are creating your money vision for the year to come and set the goals you want most to achieve you will be able to build your staircase to success. And … You Don’t Have to Choose!
I’m going to share with you everything you need to get started and assist you to make a customized action plan for yourself. No longer will you be wishing for a miracle but, rather you will become the miracle by taking the steps to make it happen.
Who is it for: You want to ensure what you see as your money vision is a goal which is achievable and provides you with the motivational purpose to continue to work towards the end goal.
What you will learn from it: How to define your true money vision by setting honest and realistic goals one step at a time leading to success. You will be able to reveal your truth and create an action plan to build a strong path to follow forward.

$20 CDNYour Money Vision and Goal Setting Mastermind registration includes: 

4 Modules

A self-paced. Getting Started. Defining Your True Money Vision. Goals To Be Set. Stairway to Success.

Tutorial Videos

A video for each module to walk you through each step.

Presentation Notes

You won’t have to worry about taking notes during the presentation as they will be provided for you to review and follow step-by-step. PDF printable format.


Each module lesson has its own worksheets to assist in creating your action plan for your vision and goals. PDF printable format.


Receive unlimited program access for 365 days. At any time, you can replay the videos, review the notes, and reprint the worksheets for your personal use only.


Continued learning and support with email support to answer questions and/or concerns.