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  • What is a money coach?

    Money coaching is a form of financial therapy. It will provide you with a non-judgemental environment where you can openly review and discuss your financial obligations. With the aid of assessment worksheets together with a money coach, you can really see where the problem is and find a workable resolution.

  • Will I have more money and become wealthy using a Money Coach?

    Money coaching will not erase your debt, or pay it off for you. It does not invest your funds, nor provide investment opportunities. You will essentially have the same amount of money to start off with, but as you define what you really need vs. what you want and start spending realistically for a happy and fulfilling lifestyle, you will be wealthier than before. 

  • How is this different from Financial Planning?

    I do not sell or recommend any investments or financial products. However, as you learn to deal strictly with your existing money and plan the best course of action for the use of that money in respect to your expenses; you will have the opportunity to accumulate savings and or an emergency fund. What you choose to do with it is your decision.

  • Do you work with Financial Planners and other Professionals?

    Should the need arise where you require assistance, I can refer you to licensed financial planners, real estate agents, legal advisers, accountants, mortgage and insurance brokers whom I trust in my area provided you live in the same local.

  • Are you a Credit Counselor who can help you restructure my debts? 

    I’m not a credit counselor, but I can guide you after review of your income and expense if it would be in your best interest to begin negotiations with your creditors. My process is to identify patterns in spending which result in overspending and chronic debt.

  • What is the process that you use? 

    I use a variety of methods. Most dependent on what you will be most comfortable to work with. They include notebooks, excel, worksheets, or my personal designed money management planner. All methods can be used individually or together.
    Tracking your financials monthly will give you spending habits. Forecasting for the year will allow you to see changes made and how they affect your overall situation. They are compatible to be cloud-based if you so choose.

  • Can this process help small business owners as well? 

    Definitely, the same principles can be applied which can generate a method in determining the earning potential or requirement to stay away from the red and remain in the black.
    It can also allow you to adjust your service or product to meet the need of your customers, thereby having profitable products to be sold, and required services to be offered.

  • How do you conduct your coaching?  

    An initial discussion will generally take one hour to three hours and is provided by booking a clarity session. A general coaching session will run one to two hours. All sessions are privately held via phone, video conferencing, or in-person [local residents]. In-person for out of town residents can be arranged, travel fees apply.

  • How many sessions will it take?  

    The initial session will determine the issue and the probable course of action. The total number of sessions required will be solely based on your needs specifically for your situation.

  • Do I really need to have a session? 

    Not all sessions are required to be done with my presence. I also provided online courses, email support, and follow-ups.

  • Will my personal or business data be safe? 

    No bank account numbers or any sensitive financial information is required during our coaching sessions. We will be working with exact figures should you choose to provide them for calculation purposes.
    All documentation remains in your sole possession at all times and are never duplicated. Our coaching session will be strictly confidential. Any examples provided that reflect your past, present, or future situation are purely coincidental or are reflective of my personal experience.
    Should actual facts and figures be required a N.D.A. will be provided.

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