Winter Ready Checklist

Winter Ready Checklist

Winter has arrived in my neck of the woods. Finding balance in your home also includes the change of seasons and prepping for what you suspect will be heading your way:

• Getting snow tires installed on your vehicle for some

• Replacing windshield wipers

• Filling up the reservoir with washer fluid for cooler temperatures

• Digging out the shovels and placing them close to the door

• Tuning up the snow blower, filling it with gas, or finding the power cord

• Checking the filter on your furnace and replacing

• Sealing up the air-conditioned for the winter

• Preparing your bucket of sand/salt – be sure to make it pet-friendly

• Pulling out the winter woollies and tossing them in the dryer for a fresh up

• Remembering to pick up the winter coats at the dry cleaners

• Finding all the matches to the array of gloves and mittens

• Checking the winter boots for wear/tear and leaks

• Getting those outdoor Christmas decorations up before your hand's freeze

• Ordering that cord of wood for the fireplace

• Testing your fire alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Have a warm and cozy season!

Did I miss something on my list – be sure to to let me know!