Have You Heard of the Turtle Effect?

Have You Heard of the Turtle Effect?

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As we know a turtle is provided with a protective shell surrounding his body.  It provides them protection from predators and the elements of nature.  Probably the coolest thing about a turtle is home is wherever they are.  A quick tuck of the arms, legs, and head and they can rest peacefully at any time.

As humans, we deal with a multitude of events and circumstances on a daily basis.  Some days are easier than others.  But at some point in time we all resort to the turtle effect.  Whether it is for peace and comfort or to hide and feel secure.  These are times when we don’t leave our homes.  Other times we shut down all communication devices.  Or we retreat to a private room.  In some instances we might even close our eyes hoping that all will disappear.  No one is immune to the turtle effect; we are all turtles by nature in different ways. 

Are you a financial turtle?

If money could grow on trees we would all be living the green life!  Mind you we would have to begin storing away in the fall as the money would be falling off ever so fast as winter approaches.

The same could be said for earning an income.  When the wage is good and the job is secure we don’t much concern ourselves with ever being without.  But then circumstances change and suddenly we are storing away as much as we can for the inevitable loss of income.

It is great to have all the services you want after all where would we be without a home and utilities and those added extras of a phone, cable and internet.  Yet you don’t spend as much time within your home for you are constantly out doing activities with family and friends.  But then you lose your job or get ill and suddenly life changes.  All those services you paid faithfully for and never really utilized are causing you sleepless nights as you wonder how to maintain the lifestyle you have grown accustomed to.

We all love to be the life of the party and show family and friends our giving sole.  Sometimes we just enjoy spoiling ourselves.  When all is good the fridge is full.  Dining out becomes a regular occurrence.  And don’t even get me started about that adorable item or cute outfit that would look so perfect on Suzy or on you.  Circumstances change and suddenly you can't afford to invite everyone over for food and drinks.  The cost of dining out is so much more than you realized when you actually look at the bill in front of you.  And sweet Suzy is hinting way too often about how much she loved her last gift and when to expect another.

So often we do not see what we have done until we can no longer do it.  The ones who have become accustomed to your generous nature suddenly find you are a bore or being selfish.  They perhaps even think you might be mad at them because you just don’t hang out anymore.  Family members are confused and avoid conversations as they see the ticking time bomb before them.  But you remain proud and don’t share what is really going on instead you will turtle.

Financial turtling is more common than you might think!  

This is not to say that you should be forthcoming with all your financial details.  As a matter of fact, boasting about how good you have it at some point in your life may come back to haunt you.  While you were so giving you may have not noticed that when your time for need may arise there would be no one there for you.  Simply because they needed what you gave to survive themselves and have nothing of which they can reciprocate.  That is of course if you even informed them or asked for assistance.

Money is money; we have trouble living with it and without it.  This is why living within your means is so very important.  What we need to have and what we want to have become so clear when we are left with nothing.

The turtle effect is very real. 

If you are struggling financially try popping out of your shell every once in a while.  Disclose what you feel comfortable talking about and seek assistance in arrears that you are unfamiliar with or need help to develop the best course of action.

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