Spring Time Budget Reminders

Spring Time Budget Reminders

Raining – Foggy – Season has started but that is good news because it also means that spring might be here to stay.

So let me ask you:  When you were setting up your budget did you put in a little extra for the change of the seasons?

If you didn’t don’t fret there is still time!  Here are just a couple of reminders . . .

Wheels Go Round and Round

Depending on where you live it might be time to take off those snow tires and put them into storage.  With the nicer weather, you will be travelling more which could mean you might have to change your oil more often.  Don’t forget to fill your washer fluid for those nasty bug splats.

Utility Shift Change

Turn off the heat and prepare for the A/C.  Switch from indoor lighting to outdoor patio lighting.  Water consumption will increase with the pool, lawns, planting season, car washes.

Wardrobe Change

Time to bring out the lighter clothing and ensure it still fits.  Perhaps even replace a few items with this seasons colour choice and styles.

Schools Out

It is hard to believe that colleges and university students will be packing up and returning home in just a matter of days.  That means a little extra gas money, perhaps a truck rental, or even airfare.   We have a little more prep time for our grade school resulting in daycare, babysitters, and summer camps.  Be sure to register early so you are not disappointed.

Outside Oasis

Is your yard in need of some love?  Do you have the needed equipment? The shed needs cleaning out to ensure all your outdoor tools are in working order.  Landscaping costs and patio upgrades are something we tend to forget to budget for.  The nurseries are filling their stock of mulch and flowers and trees.  The stores are already displaying the lawn ornaments, fountains, and furniture for the season. 

Time to Eat

Outdoor patio season begins with friends or family.  Add a little extra to stock the freezer with meats for those BBQ and when unexpected guests arrive.

Get a Head Start on Summer Fun Time

:: There is nothing like the cottage life, trailer and tent camping, or a mix of daytime trips.

:: Perhaps you just love to hang out in your backyard retreat.   

:: Outdoor sports season begins. 

:: Softball league, swim lessons, volleyball, soccer, horseshoes, lawn bowling, yoga in the park, canoe down the grand, or perhaps a boating trip. 

:: Don’t forget to put a little away for vacation and activities too!