Let's Talk Financial Mental Health

Let's Talk Financial Mental Health

Mental health is a silent killer of not only your mind but, also your body, your relationships, and your hopes and dreams.

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With the mind being like a supercharged computer it stores everything and anything in a small over-crowded space.  Periodically it will remind you, taunt you, zap you, blind you, and make you throw up.  It is the keeper of your self-worth, your responsibilities, your inadequacies, your missed opportunities, the love of your life, and the bundles of joy you call children, the family that may or may not be your strength or devastation.

Financial health has woven a tight weave with mental health.  Money is a common dominant force with its own mental fatigue. 

Constantly reminding you:

·         To work more so you can earn more.

·         To pinch pennies, buy the sales so you spend less. 

·         To borrow what you know you cannot payback.

·         To barter services in exchange for money.

·         To appear frugal when there is nothing left.

·         To pass on opportunities that come with a cost.

·         To do things totally out of your nature based on need.

·         To become addicted to that which will put the mind to rest.

·         To become angry and jealous of what others have.

·         To become unsocial or isolated.

·         To give up before you even try.

Ah yes . . . there it is Financial Mental Health at its peak. 

·         Constantly robbing you of your self-worth. 

·         Making you appear irresponsible. 

·         Showcasing your inadequacies. 

·         Crushing your opportunities. 

·         Destroying relationships with your partner, your children, and your family.

But you are in control – you just don’t realize it yet. 

There is always a solution to that which provides you with your greatest source of pain.  It does not appear when it is needed most.  Nor does it happen overnight.  It does tend to find you in your darkest hours.  When you reach the point of nothing left to lose so you might as well go for broke.

Yet this is when you must become the strongest you have ever been and curb those thoughts of despair into positive.  It means starting over at square one and working through all the avoidance and coming clean regardless of the outcome.

Finding that inner peace when the secrets are no longer cluttering your mind and allowing you to think clearly.  A lot can be said for the written word which many do not take advantage of.  Your voice can be heard if only for yourself.  Writing is an expression of cleansing.  Word after word speaking the truth in a written form telling yourself like it really is and what are you going to do about it.

Seeing the pages before and realizing that you might even have perhaps manifested the situation to be far greater than it actually was.  Or perhaps that it is far greater than you had led yourself to believe.  Cleansing the mind of all the financial obligations can be the breath of fresh air no one but yourself could provide.

It is then that you become capable to address each situation for what it truly is and to access what is within your power to do.  This may result in a solution or it may require additional help.  But with the mind clear of the burden you are more willing to the opportunity to seek the guidance required to rise above all that has bogged you down.

Even with no immediate resolution for your financial well-being, your emotional state will change and so will your health.

·         The constant headache has stopped.

·         The best night’s sleep in you can’t remember how long.

·         There is that appetite that had been lost.

·         OMG, I forgot how good a shower really felt.

·         The body aches less as you move about more.

·         You catch yourself smiling just looking outside.

Ah yes there you . . . are a sampling of the person you once were ready to become yourself again. 

Financial problems are a leading cause of mental stress leading to physical body health.  This circle encompasses you and will continue to target and hit as long as you allow it to.  Embrace what has gone wrong and work towards correcting what needs to be fixed.

Someone once said “Don’t be afraid to start over again.  This time you are not starting from scratch, you are starting from experience.”

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