3 Ways to Avoid the Holiday Hangover

3 Ways to Avoid the Holiday Hangover

Tiss the season when our pocketbooks open wide just so we can see some smiling faces come Christmas time.  While Canadians did enjoy their Thanksgiving celebrations in October the United States is gearing up for their feast, the super bowl and the ever-popular Black Friday.

This advantageous sale day right before the Christmas holiday used to be exclusive to just one day.  Yet as the years have passed we can now engage in the early bird, cyber Monday, and the extended week-long sale. 

While this does cut down on the stampede crowds it also provides more opportunity to cash in on that one or many items you are seeking.

But . . . Are you seeking the right item & will you purchase that item above all costs?

There is so much hype and excitement created by mass amounts of promotion and advertising.  It is not as simple as turning off the TV or radio or throwing the flyers into the recycle box upon arrival. 

We now have to weed through emails, social media posts, and videos.  While family and friends are all good intentions we also have the conversations on ‘have you seen this’ or ‘this would be perfect for’, just to add to any avoidance you have been trying to master.

Sometimes we have a lot and share.  Sometimes we have a little and give so much more.  The gift of giving can come in so many ways and does not always require a price tag.

Stay strong to your finances and avoid this season's holiday hangover!

1] Purchase nothing more than you can afford.

2] Avoid using credit which you cannot pay off within 30 days.

3] Stress test your purchase.

Give each gift you are going to purchase the stress test:

:-: Do they want it?

:-: Will they use it?

:-: Can I afford it?

:-: Will I regret the cost in January?

As Jim Carrey once said:

“No holiday should manipulate you to the point where you’re going into debt just to show someone you love them.”

This year make the choice to enjoy your holiday shopping with an experience you can live with long after it has concluded.

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