3 Magical Keys to Spending Less

3 Magical Keys to Spending Less

During this holiday time of magical mayhem with snow-covered lawns and slushy streets, the spending frenzy has begun.  Social media, television, and print ads are out in full force to entice all they have to offer is exactly what your loved one needs.  And while you are at it just get one for yourself.

With today’s pricing, it is difficult to purchase just the right gift within the budget you can afford.  It is important to feel the gift of giving and have it appreciated.

Your holiday season can be ever so sweet with a few reminders on how to spend less as you ask yourself before each purchase:

Do They Need It?

There is an underlining tone to the word gift.  You are to be grateful and accept what is given, however, this is not always the case.    Perhaps it is cute or would look adorable on them.  It might even be something you know they don’t have.  But do they need it?  If you can scream from the rooftop yes they do then and only then have you acquired the first key.

Will They Use It?

Of course, they will who wouldn’t want something like this handy dandy gadget to make their life easier.  Perhaps we are not able to spend as much time with them as we like.  So we choose a gift that will allow them to have more time for us.  Yet unless they have specifically talked about it or stated they wanted it chances are it will be shoved in the back of the closet to be re-gifted to someone else.  If you know for certain this is what they want then you have acquired the second key.

Can I Pay Cash For It?

Expenses are so much these days and salaries keep reducing.  The art of giving begins with what you can afford not what you will charge and pay for months after the fact.  While we want to provide a celebration experience of multiple gifts it is not always possible, there are very few gifts that can be actually purchased based on cost alone. This is why it is important to start tucking away Christmas spending money months before you need it. 

We all love to use credit cards to obtain the perks and this season is a great time to rack up those points.  It is also a great time to exceed what you wanted to spend and what you can pay for when the bill comes in.  Purchasing your gift should not result in a payment plan or interest charges.  So if you know you have the cash, or can pay the bill when it arrives, you then have acquired the third key.

In Summary:

Having acquired your 3 magical keys to spending less allows you to unlock the season affordably and managing your money effectively.  So often after the holiday season is complete many get a virus known as buyer’s remorse.  It is a most insightful bug in the sense that only if we knew now what we should have known before. 

It lingers with the emotional feelings of despair, resentment, disappointment, frustrated, and agony that comes with just the right purchase of which you may or may not have succeeded.  Oh yes indeed I know I shouldn’t have spent that much but I wanted to show you how much I care.

Make this holiday season your best yet by ensuring your purchases include the 3 magical keys.

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